Cake for Everyone!

We were having a family gathering and my daughter offered to make a cake for dessert. Great! I’m always open for some help in the kitchen. What she presented at the table was a wonderful surprise and something that pleased everyone. Plus,  it was so simple!

She started with a cake mix and premade frosting, but it’s how she topped and decorated the cake that was special. Knowing that some in the family like toffee, others like peanut butter cups and others like white chocolate, she bought those candies, broke them up and topped the cake with the candy bits, in marked off wedges. She even left one section blank for those who usually don’t want anything to get in the way of their cake and frosting experience.

Everyone loved the dessert and enjoyed getting exactly what they wanted on their cake. Try this handy trick on your next cake. What will you add? Gummy worms? Skittles? Chocolate chips? Potato chips?

Cake with Candy Toppings

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