Souvlaki and Rice

Every time I go to the grocery store, I check the mark-down meat bin. Whenever there is cubed pork on sale, I buy it because I can make either Pork Green Chili (I’ll have that recipe for you soon) or Pork Souvlaki. That’s the beauty of pork – it’s flavorful but also basic enough that it… More Souvlaki and Rice

Fast Fruit Cobbler

Summertime is fruit time! While I love eating fresh fruit and serving it as close to its natural state as possible, it’s also fun to use fruit in baking. My hubbie is a cobbler fanatic so whenever I have stone fruit and/or berries that have seen slightly better days, I bake up a cobbler!  I’ve… More Fast Fruit Cobbler

Saucy Chicken

While I’d love to make whole, roasted chicken often (I love the way the house smells as it’s baking), I usually don’t have time. Instead, I cheat a little (okay, a lot) by using skinned, boneless chicken thighs that are frozen. I always keep a bag of them in my freezer to have flavorful, lean, tender… More Saucy Chicken

Cake for Everyone!

We were having a family gathering and my daughter offered to make a cake for dessert. Great! I’m always open for some help in the kitchen. What she presented at the table was a wonderful surprise and something that pleased everyone. Plus,  it was so simple! She started with a cake mix and premade frosting, but it’s how she… More Cake for Everyone!