A “Natural” Combination – Mayo and Cookie Dough

cookie dough and mayo

The lineup of goodness: Hampton Creek Just Cookie Dough and Just Mayos

A strange combination of things came in the mail the other day – mayonnaise and cookie dough. Now, I am fond of both things, so that doesn’t make it so weird, but still…  Turns out, it was a delivery from Hampton Creek, a company I have been hearing about lately that describes themselves as providing healthier, affordable food to everyone. Interestingly, their two products right now are a variety of mayos and a variety of cookie doughs. Looking at this delivery, it was clear a sandwich and some cookies were in my near future.

Hampton Creek’s Just Mayo mayonnaises are non-GMO and a whole bunch of “frees” as in cholesterol, gluten, soy, dairy and lactose-free. They come in four flavors: original, sriracha, chipotle and garlic. Ironically, I had just seen a cooking show the night before in which the chef mixed some sriracha with plain mayo to make a spicier topping for her hamburger. And here it was, for me, mixing-free. I did try each of the mayonnaises in such a weird way – I laid out four slices of deli ham, drizzled a thin line of each flavor on each of the slices, rolled them up and tried them. With the squeeze bottles, it made keeping control of the mayo easy. Each tasted really good but I liked the sriracha best. It lent a subtle bit of heat to the ham. Really good.

The next night, I made a tomato tart I’d been looking forward to making all summer. With a lovely collection of tomatoes from my garden, my favorite tomato tart recipe was a great way to show them off. The recipe calls for a base of tomato and cheese. Rather than just use only the original flavor, I mixed things up a bit, adding some of each of the four flavors up to the measurement amount I needed. Perfect! It added creamy, garlicy, spicy and smoky flavors to the tart. And tomatoes and mayonnaise are a natural together. It was a hit!

Okay, now the cookie dough. There are no eggs in Hampton Creek’s Just Cookies. None. I don’t know how they do it. There’s nothing artificial added and they are cholesterol-free, have no partially hydrogenated oils and have about a 20% reduction in sodium. So, you know what the no-eggs part means? You can eat the dough and not worry about salmonella poisoning. People, you can take a spoon, open the lid of the jar the dough comes in and eat up – not that I’d do that, of course. But I did start getting ideas for mixing little bits of the dough into vanilla or chocolate ice cream to make my own version of my kids’ favorite cookie dough ice cream. And yes, you can cook the dough. I did. They were delicious, and pretty and chock full of chips.

In addition to chocolate chip flavor, there is also Sugar Cookie, Oatmeal Raisin, Peanut Butter and White Chocolate Macadamia Nut. Have mercy! Hampton Creek products can be found at most major grocery stores. Type in your city to see which stores you should head to.


cookies and mayo

This is my second batch of cookies from Hampton Creek’s Just Cookie Dough. The first batch was snarfed by my children while I was getting my camera!


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