A Healthier Juice Box – Drazil Kids Tea

I love tea and feel good about drinking it because of the antioxidant benefits. And, I’m always looking for ways to encourage my kids to make healthier choices in what they consume,Drazil 3D Group 6_25_13 despite them being surrounded by junky stuff outside of home. That means I have a lot in common with Christine Wheeler, a former Proctor and Gamble brand executive, and mom of four kids (like me). She lived in Asia for a while and loved drinking tea there, which was everywhere. She came home wishing there was a way to incorporate tea drinking into kids’ lives. But, you know, they love their juice boxes and soda and such, so Wheeler found a way to combine healthy, caffeine-free, organic tea with an infusion of fruit juice. The juice acts as the sweetener and brings that familiar taste of fruit juice to the more elegant taste of tea. She created Drazil Kids Tea. If you’re wondering about the name, like I was, it’s “Lizard” spelled backward, thus the logo. Cute.

We sampled Punch Passion, Tropical Burst, Yummy Berry and Grape Bliss (my favorite). I know, it was the kids who were supposed to be doing the sampling, but they all encouraged me to try them too which, I figure, is quite an endorsement.

Drazil Kids Teas contain hibiscus, rose hips, roobios, pomegranate, rose hips and fruit pieces. Lovely. While it took a second for my kids’ brains to register that this was not a typical juice box or drink pack, all four loved them. They are not overly-sweet and they don’t scream artificial versions of flavors. They are the best of the tea and juice worlds. Because of the juice box container and colorful packaging, kids won’t feel like their being too different, drinking something healthy, heaven forbid! And they may start a trend in school with other kids wanting to up their healthy eating game. Or at least I can hope.

In Colorado, Drazil Kids Tea are currently carried at Whole Foods stores. It is also available on Amazon.com.

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