A Different Kind of Snack

If you’d told me that my children would be asking to eat seaweed, I’d have said you were insane! There’s no way I can get them to SS-CLASS-GO_728028023183_hireseat spinach. And I can barely get them to eat lettuce. But they love seaweed snacks!

Maybe it’s because they are like eating paper, which seems like something kids would want to do. Or, because it’s crispy kind of like a chip. Or maybe it’s because when you hold the sheets up to the light, they are like emerald stained glass. Or maybe it’s because it tastes really good. Add some flavorings to the sea weed and it’s almost addictive.

SeaSnax ® were created by Korean American mom Jin Jun who was inspired by her daughter to create a snack she could feel good about feeding her everyday. She was ahead of her time in doing this in 2010 because two years later, the National Confectioners Association touted seaweed as a hot snacking trend.

Seaweed is said to be healthy for you because it is nutrient-dense with essential amino acids and vitamins A and C with potassium, iron, calcium, iodine and magnesium and it’s a good source of protein.

SeaSnax® are Non-GMO Project verified and come in varieties such as original, chipotle, wasabi and onion. All of the flavors are subtle and delicious. They have been known to get me through the Arsenic Hour when life is getting crazy and dinner’s not ready yet.

They also have a new product that is really clever, SeaSnax® SeaSprinkles. These are roasted seaweed clusters that can be eaten out of the bag or sprinkled on soups, salads or rice. I sprinkled some of the Vegan Cheese ones in our salad and no one even noticed the additional, nutritional boost. What I haven’t had the guts to SP-SPRINKLES_609722798334try yet are the Toasty Coconut sprinkles as they suggest them over vanilla ice cream. It could work because they are really good just on their own and are kind of sweet.

The seaweed snacks are already available nationwide. The SeaSprinkles will be available sometime in June. It’s a new way to get your kids to eat their “greens.”


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Funny Name, Fast Snack By Edan Goode

When I got Odwalla’s three new snack bars, aimed at kids, the intention was to slice them all up into bite-size pieces so my kids could Odwalla-Banana_Render_Wrapsample each flavor and tell me their favorite. Well, I turned my back for five minutes and the bars were GONE! Three different kids had made off with the bars headed in three different directions. I yelled “At least share them with each other so you can each give me your opinion!!!!” They shared the bars about as well as they share anything.

They did come back with empty wrappers in hand and gave me their rave reviews. “Can you imagine eating one when you’re in a rush in the morning? When you’re travelling to a soccer game? When you need something to tide you over until dinner?” I asked. They all said “Yes!” Okay, good enough for me. They liked them and would want them again.

What they didn’t know, in their haste to claim them was that each flavor contains 11-12 grams of organic, whole grains which is equal to about 25 percent of the whole grains needed, per recommendations from the Whole Grains Council (which I didn’t even know existed, frankly). Each bar is also between 130-140 calories and contains calcium.

I know that between all of my kids’ schedules, they are not apt to grab an apple or some whole grain toast. But, let’s face it, they are going to grab a colorfully packaged, good tasting, packaged thing they can take on the run. Our whole family already relies on Odwalla’s green drink to get us through the beginnings of a cold so I feel good about Odwalla (and the name amuses me) so I’m okay with the kids grabbing these bars on the run.

Note: Edan was provided with a sample of the product to help facilitate the review. However, her opinions are completely her own.

Top 5 Family-friendly Food Products by Edan Goode

One of the perks of being a food writer/reviewer, is that a lot of interesting food is sent my way, in hopes that I will find it spectacular and will review it. I make it very clear to the companies that my heart and duty lie with my readers, all you parents out there who want to know whether a certain product is worth shelling out your hard-earned money for when trying to feed their kids well. So here you go, dear E.A.T. Readers, my humble opinion of the best of the food products that have come across my desk. All have a healthy bent to them and some are locally-made, as an added perk:

Metromint Water in Chocolatemint

Topping my list is a product I’d seen recently in the grocery store and thought “that’s gotta be either gross or great”. Turns out, the answer was “great”! How could I doubt the combination of three of my favorite things – water to be refreshing, mint to take it up a notch and chocolate to round it out in deliciousness. Do I gush too much? It’s worthy. When I was sick, I loved Chocolatemint. When I was overheated from a workout, I loved Chocolatemint. When I was vegging on the couch watching a chic flick, I loved Chocolatemint. I’ve tried the other flavors like Peppermint, Orangemint and Cherrymint and, while tasty, they just aren’t as yummy as the combination of mint and chocolate in this drink. Be sure to have it chilled for maximum joy.

CLIF Kid’s Zbar Crispy Snacks

My kids love eating bars and why not? They are wrapped and ready all the time. I even keep a box of bars in the back of my Mom-Van to stave off hunger and trips to fast food joints in a hunger emergency. However, I will not buy bars that are basically a candy bar with some oats mixed in. That’s why I was glad to sample CLIF Kid’s Zbar Crispy, an organic, crispy rice bar with 8 grams of whole grains. They have oats, fiber, calcium and vitamin D – all good stuff. They are absent of processed sugars and high fructose corn syrup.  They come in chocolate, chocolate chip and peanut butter.  Our kid testers loved the chocolate chip one best.

This August, watch for the Full Moon Brownie Zbar which is full of brownie with white chocolate chip goodness. I’ll be wrestling my kids for them.

Chobani Champions

Greek-style yogurt is all the rage for it’s creaminess and health benefits above and beyond regular yogurt. Having grown up on my grandmother’s homemade plain yogurt, I have high criteria about what Greek yogurt is supposed to taste like. Of all the ones I’ve tried, I like Chobani the best for its creamy texture and lack of chalky after-taste. I was glad to hear that they are the first to have created a line of Greek-style yogurt aimed at kids, with kid-friendly flavors, VeryBerry and Honey-Nana. They were a big hit with the kids and with me.

Oogave Sodas

What is it about a cold soda/soft drinks/pop – whatever you call them in your neck of the woods? On a hot day, there’s nothing like fizzy bubbles over ice, going up your nose! I just don’t want to give it to my kids except on rare occasion. Oogave sodas appealed to me on many levels – they are from a local company, are organic, sweetened only with agave nectar and are caffeine-free. No high fructose corn syrup or preservatives. Plus, I like the pretty, pale colors in the bottles. The Root Beer rated high with all testers, adult and child. Strawberry Rhubarb and Watermelon Cream were a bit too fruity for the adults but went over big with kids. Vanilla Cream was a bit cloying for all while Grapefruit and Key Lime were popular with adults who thought they’d be great with a splash of vodka or rum! My particular favorite was the Ginger Ale which didn’t taste like any ginger ale I grew up on. It tasted like…ginger! What a concept. Fresh and a little exotic.

The Naked Edge’s Veggie-Go’s

This is by far the most unique food product that I’ve seen, again, by a local company. The Naked Edge Fruit Leathers are a whole different animal from the ones you usually see, not only in texture but also ingredient. Organic produce, spices and herbs are pureed and dried and are beautiful in their natural coloring. Unique flavors include Mountain Berry Spinach, Sweet Potato Pie, Carrot Ginger Crisps and Cinnamon Spiced Beet.  It could be a hard sell to get kids to try these if they’ve had the usual swirly, mega-flavored and colored fruit leathers. But if you could start your child’s fruit-leather-eating experiences with The Naked Edge, you would have a good shot of raising a child with a more sophisticated, experimental palate. The adult testers enjoyed all of the flavors, noting that they would actually make an interesting accompaniment to a glass of red wine. No, the adult testers are not a bunch of lushes…

What are some of the more interesting food products your family has tried and loved or hated? We’d love to know.