Funny Name, Fast Snack By Edan Goode

When I got Odwalla’s three new snack bars, aimed at kids, the intention was to slice them all up into bite-size pieces so my kids could Odwalla-Banana_Render_Wrapsample each flavor and tell me their favorite. Well, I turned my back for five minutes and the bars were GONE! Three different kids had made off with the bars headed in three different directions. I yelled “At least share them with each other so you can each give me your opinion!!!!” They shared the bars about as well as they share anything.

They did come back with empty wrappers in hand and gave me their rave reviews. “Can you imagine eating one when you’re in a rush in the morning? When you’re travelling to a soccer game? When you need something to tide you over until dinner?” I asked. They all said “Yes!” Okay, good enough for me. They liked them and would want them again.

What they didn’t know, in their haste to claim them was that each flavor contains 11-12 grams of organic, whole grains which is equal to about 25 percent of the whole grains needed, per recommendations from the Whole Grains Council (which I didn’t even know existed, frankly). Each bar is also between 130-140 calories and contains calcium.

I know that between all of my kids’ schedules, they are not apt to grab an apple or some whole grain toast. But, let’s face it, they are going to grab a colorfully packaged, good tasting, packaged thing they can take on the run. Our whole family already relies on Odwalla’s green drink to get us through the beginnings of a cold so I feel good about Odwalla (and the name amuses me) so I’m okay with the kids grabbing these bars on the run.

Note: Edan was provided with a sample of the product to help facilitate the review. However, her opinions are completely her own.

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