Burgers, Fries and Kids By Edan Goode

A hamburger and fries are basic and essential to American cuisine. Think about it – they are easy to prepare at home, can be purchased and consumed in ones’ car on the run and can also be ordered in a nice, sit-down restaurant. They are one-size-fits-all good! Of those three ways to enjoy a burger, I like going out to a restaurant best. I recently discovered a great place for a burger, fries and much more that also had a great kids’ menu that was more than your basic meal for the young ones.

For adults, you can create your ideal burger starting with what type of patty you want including angus beef, turkey, lamb, salmon,

Burgers for grown-ups but russet and sweet potato fries for everyone - so delicious!

Burgers for grown-ups but russet and sweet potato fries for everyone – so delicious!

bison and veggie. Then add the kind of toppings you want from cheeses, greens, sauces and even what type of bun you want. Oh, the infinite power of getting just what you want!

The russet fries are great but the sweet potato fries are over the moon delicious! Get a small order of each so you can go back and forth deciding which you like better until they are all gone and the decision is out of your hands.

There are other, non-burger choices at TAG Burger Bar too if, for some odd reason, you don’t want one. There’s also a Sunday Brunch that looks awesome.

Even though we parents deserve dinners away from the kids, this is one of those places where you can feel like you’re having an evening out, but it’s also okay (and encouraged) to bring the kids too. TAG Burger Bar’s children’s menus are more extensive than the usual with nary a dinosaur-shaped chicken nugget in sight. Instead, for lunch or dinner, kids can choose from items like two angus sliders with fries, a pizza bagel, a PB&J, a quarter of a rotisserie chicken and a side of fruit. During the weekend brunch, it’s all of those choices plus scrambled eggs and bacon, french toast and pancakes. Meals range from $3-5!

Top off the meal with a milkshake and add in 50-cent scoops of old-fashioned candy like Whoppers, Reeces and M&M’s. Kids will have a heyday deciding what they want from the old-fashioned candy jars located behind the bar. Yum!

Shake it up. The Mint Chocolate is made from real mint at TAG Burger Bar. Imagine mixing in scoops of candy into these! Heaven.

Tag Burger Bar is located at 1222 Madison St. http://tagburgerbar.com. This place is popular. I’d recommend making reservations.

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