A Different Kind of Snack

If you’d told me that my children would be asking to eat seaweed, I’d have said you were insane! There’s no way I can get them to SS-CLASS-GO_728028023183_hireseat spinach. And I can barely get them to eat lettuce. But they love seaweed snacks!

Maybe it’s because they are like eating paper, which seems like something kids would want to do. Or, because it’s crispy kind of like a chip. Or maybe it’s because when you hold the sheets up to the light, they are like emerald stained glass. Or maybe it’s because it tastes really good. Add some flavorings to the sea weed and it’s almost addictive.

SeaSnax ® were created by Korean American mom Jin Jun who was inspired by her daughter to create a snack she could feel good about feeding her everyday. She was ahead of her time in doing this in 2010 because two years later, the National Confectioners Association touted seaweed as a hot snacking trend.

Seaweed is said to be healthy for you because it is nutrient-dense with essential amino acids and vitamins A and C with potassium, iron, calcium, iodine and magnesium and it’s a good source of protein.

SeaSnax® are Non-GMO Project verified and come in varieties such as original, chipotle, wasabi and onion. All of the flavors are subtle and delicious. They have been known to get me through the Arsenic Hour when life is getting crazy and dinner’s not ready yet.

They also have a new product that is really clever, SeaSnax® SeaSprinkles. These are roasted seaweed clusters that can be eaten out of the bag or sprinkled on soups, salads or rice. I sprinkled some of the Vegan Cheese ones in our salad and no one even noticed the additional, nutritional boost. What I haven’t had the guts to SP-SPRINKLES_609722798334try yet are the Toasty Coconut sprinkles as they suggest them over vanilla ice cream. It could work because they are really good just on their own and are kind of sweet.

The seaweed snacks are already available nationwide. The SeaSprinkles will be available sometime in June. It’s a new way to get your kids to eat their “greens.”


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