Chicken Pot Pies

Even Easier Chicken Pot Pies

I love chicken pot pies. Rather, I love to eat them, but not make them. The filling isn’t so difficult but the pie crust is intimidating. Pre-made pie crust works well and did, recently, when I made pot pies for the family. But then I found myself with extra filling and no more pie crust. That’s when I took advantage of some day-old Italian bread and came up with some really easy chicken pot pies!

Even Easier Chicken Pot Pies

Filling adapted from a recipe by Lucinda Scala Quinn in her book “Mad Hungry”:

1 Rotisserie chicken, diced up or torn into bite-size shreds

1/2 an onion, diced

1 carrot, copped

a pinch of salt

1 TBS flour

1-1/2 to 2 cups chicken or vegetable broth

1/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese

Saute the onion and carrot in a little butter or olive oil until both start to soften slightly.

Sprinkle the flour over the mixture and stir it around to make sure the vegetables are coated with the flour.

Pour in the broth and let it all cook until the broth starts to thicken.

Pour the broth and vegetable mixture over the chicken in a bowl. From here, you can continue to make the pot pies or, refrigerate the mixture the day before (it even freezes well).

When ready to make the pot pies, spoon the chicken mixture into oven-proof bowls or souffle dishes. Top with chopped bread cubes and drizzle olive oil over the top.

Place the baking dishes on a baking sheet and bake at 375 degrees for 20-25 minutes or until the bread cubes have become golden and toasted.

Chicken Pot Pie

Even Easier Chicken Pot Pies before…

Chicken Pot Pie

All done and ready to serve!

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Mother’s Day Brunch Round-Up

By Edan Goode (a mom who totally gets it)

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Next to doing housework, the last (and I mean LAST) thing any mom should be doing on Mother’s Day is cooking! Am I right? Not even for your OWN moms, ladies! Mother’s Day is the one day a year, pretty much, when it’s your day to be queen, with love, appreciation, relaxation and pleasure bestowed upon you. Lots of area restaurants are on board with that and are cooking up wonderful meals with food and drink specials in your honor. Reservations are either required or at least highly recommended! Hours vary by restaurant.

Argyll Whisky Beer Moms receive a complimentary Lavender Love cocktail at this casual British gastropub. Mom can also enjoy the Pastry Basket of assorted treats and other brunch entrees.

Blackbelly Market Mom gets a complimentary Prosecco cocktail to accompany the fresh and local farm-inspired dishes served at the East Boulder hotspot.

Bombay Clay Oven Special brunch and specialty drink items for moms, who get to dine for free.

Central Bistro and Bar Full brunch menu plus specials for mom.

Cherry Cricket will be offering all moms a Colorado Brew called Mama’s Little Yella Pils $3. 303-322-7666.

Coohills Enjoy a fixed-price brunch with fresh food stations including coffee and tea. $45 adults. $20 kids ages 4-12. Free, age 3 and under.

Cook Street School of Culinary Treat Mom to an interactive cooking class by professional chefs. Mom will learn how to prepare brunch dishes, followed by feating on a complete meal and cocktails. $89 per person. Gift certificates are also available 303-308-9300.

Guard & Grace Adults get a fixed price, 3 course menu for $45. Children get a 2 course meal for $20.

Humboldt Farm, Fish & Wine Feast on homemade breakfast pastries, Humboldt’s variations on the classic Benedicts, fresh seafood options, the signature Humboldt Raw Bar, and fresh oysters for a dollar all day. Top it off with a complimentary Humboldt Mimosa.

MAX’s Wine Dive Enjoy the Famous Southern Fried Chicken, house-made beignets, a Smoked Salmon Frittata and other specials.

Punch Bowl Social Mom can “Bowl for Brunch” for a shot at having her brunch for free. Moms also get a complimentary mimosa upon arrival. Enjoy brunch with everything from a prime rib carving station to omelettes to mac ‘n’ cheese. Adult price is $29.99, kids 6-12 are $10 and kids under 6 are free. Call 303-765-2695 or visit Open Table for reservations.

Session Kitchen Brunch options include the Session Breakfast Burrito, Lox and Tots and Banana Bread French Toast. Drinks include the create-your-own mimosa.  Call 720-763-3387 for reservations.

Stout Street Social Complimentary Mimosa for Mom, special brunch items and drink specials. Call 720-214-9100 for reservations.

Tamayo Have the Bottomless Margarita Brunch and a complimentary Mom’s Day chrysanthemum flower.  Brunch includes unlimited small plates and free flowing brunch cocktails for $35. Reservations required at 720-946-1433.

The Corner Office Restaurant and Martini Bar Denver Mother’s get a free glass of prosecco and kids get a build-your-own Pancake Bar.

ViewHouse (Centennial) Mother’s Day buffet brunch including crab eggs benedict, a roasted sage chicken, New York strip steak and honey glazed ham plus a complimentary ViewHouse Mimosa.

ViewHouse (Denver) Enjoy a variety of brunch selections plus the ViewHouse Mule or ViewHouse mimosa.

Village Inn is giving moms a carnation (while supplies last), enabling her to win prizes on their Facebook page and, if you prefer a gift card, you buy one for $25 and get $5.

Zengo Indulge in a  Bottomless Mother’s Day Brunch with a Build Your Own Bloody Bar (Maria or Mary), unlimited small plates and brunch cocktails. Mom receives a Mother’s Day Chrysanthemum to plant. Reservations are recommended, call 720-904-0965.

Happy Mother’s Day! 

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Robin Chocolates

Spring Forth with Easter Treats for Colorado’s Robin Chocolates

When I was a child, one year, my parents gave me a nougat-filled, chocolate-covered egg for Easter. It was beautiful. And delicious. I made that thing last a month, slicing off just a little bit each day (such restraint for a kid!). So when I saw some of the beautiful Easter treats made by Robin Chocolates, right here in Colorado, I had flashbacks of the enjoyment of something so pretty at a special time of year.

Robin Autorino is the Robin of Robin Chocolates. As owner and chef, she started the company in 2008, aiming to produce “the very best chocolates, confections and pastries using honest ingredients and time tested techniques.” All of her products are sold in her store in Longmont and in a few specialty shops. Visit the website to find out more. Meanwhile, I certainly had fun doing a little photo shoot with some of Robin Chocolate’s Easter treats with come of my own little Easter decorations.

The chocolate and caramel eggs with jelly beans comes in a charming chocolate nest. And the “Crouching Bunnies” are filled with marshmallow cream and either cookie butter ganache, peanut butter ganache, almond butter ganache or just the cream. How do you know which is which? By the color of their little tails. And that glossy egg? It’s filled with layers of marshmallow cream, chocolate and peanut butter!

Robin Chocolates does far more than Easter goodies. Browse the website (slooooowly!) and see her other works of art.

Robin Chocolates

So pretty. So delicious. Easter chocolate confections from Robin Chocolates.

Your Kids Will Eat THAT? By Edan Goode

Recently, Colorado Parent magazine ran a question on Facebook asking: What’s the most surprising healthy food your child will eat. They were flooded with responses, Vegetableswhich, itself was surprising, as were the answers. It got me thinking – maybe all of the hype about how badly kids eat is hyped up? Maybe they are doing a little better than we think at eating foods that are good for them and…actually enjoying them! Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

Readers reported that their kids willingly eat asparagus, brussels sprouts (that was the most popular response), avocado, salad, “raw spinach eaten like they are potato chips,” beets, cold tofu slices (followed by a frowny face emoticon from Mom), green smoothies, radishes, salmon and red peppers with eggs. Wow! Good for them. Truly!

Wouldn’t we all love to be able to tout the many healthy foods our kids eat? For those of us who can’t (the best I can report is salmon, broccoli, tofu and sweet potatoes from my kids), it made me remember a previous blog I wrote, not long ago, that had some expert suggestions for encouraging kids to eat healthy foods. I think it’s worth offering them up again, here, for this discussion:

  • Offer only healthy foods
  • Be patient with new foods – it takes offering a food at least 15 times, on average, before a child will even try it. Keep trying.
  • Let kids decide how much to eat – they have an inborn ability to regulate how much they need to eat. Help them listen to their bodies.
  • Skip bribes! If you dangle dessert as a reward for eating a vegetable, then the vegetable becomes the hurdle to the reward, which you don’t want it to be.
  • Instead, reward with praise or a special activity, but NOT food. Keep food in the context it needs to be in.
  • Have healthy foods easily accessible – a fruit bowl, a bowl of baby carrots with hummus to dip in. The idea is to make it easy for kids to get the healthy foods.
  • Make it fun and interesting – grow a vegetable garden, cut veggies into cute shapes
  • Let babies play with their food – it helps them build familiarity with the smells and tastes of healthy food.
  • Let kids assemble their lunch, grow food, pick from the garden for dinner. Dayle Hayes told us she would give her children a bowl and send them out to the garden to pick peas for dinner. They’d end up eating them before they even reached the kitchen. Smiling, she would send them back out for tomatoes. She knew this would happen and let it be a way to encourage them to eat veggies.

I’ll turn the tables over to E.A.T. readers now – tell us what healthy foods your kids happily eat? And more importantly, how did you get them to do it?

If you have any healthy-food recipes your kids love that you’d like to share, please do! You can share them via email with Edan Goode at Be sure to include your name and email and let me know if it’s okay to publish your recipe in an upcoming blog.

Back-to-School Food Ideas By Edan Goode

In our last post, we asked you to send in your ideas for back-to-school breakfast, lunch and snacks that satisfy the kids, are healthy and keep them going. We’re still gathering ideas from readers and invite you to keep sending them in. Either reply to this blog in the Comment section or email us at

Meanwhile, here are some great ideas and recipes from our friends at LiveWell Colorado who are all about feeding kids right, in school and at home.

Each of these breakfast ideas can be made ahead and reheated. The last two can even be frozen in individual serving sizes for a quick breakfast.

Creamy Harvest Oatmeal. Photo courtesy LiveWell Colorado.

Creamy Harvest Oatmeal. Photo courtesy LiveWell Colorado.

Creamy Harvest Oatmeal – Quick morning tip: Soak the oats overnight. Toss in healthy toppings, even if you don’t have everything the recipe calls for, such as nuts, fruits and spices. Each of these breakfast ideas could be made ahead and the following two can even be frozen in individual serving sizes.

Apple-icious Oatmeal Bake – With the idea of a coffee cake, this recipe is filling and healthy and could even be served as an after school snack.

Frittata – This is another make-ahead/freezer option for egg lovers. Get creative throwing in bits of veggies.


Fruity Kabobs. Photo courtesy LiveWell Colorado.

Fruity Kabobs. Photo courtesy LiveWell Colorado.

Chicken Panini Wrap – This recipe is kid-created and kid-approved.

Fruity Chicken Kabobs – It’s purely psychological, but it works – kids are more likely to try things (including fresh fruits and veggies) if they are on a pick or skewer.

Snack (or lunch accompaniment):

Beet Chips – Toss these chips in your child’s lunch for a healthier crunch than the standard chip fare.

Beet Chips. Photo courtesy LiveWell Colorado.

Beet Chips. Photo courtesy LiveWell Colorado.

Roasted Chickpeas – A make-ahead, protein-packed lunch addition that will help keep kids full for the rest of their school day.

Please continue to send us your ideas and be sure to look at the LiveWell Colorado website for additional ideas for healthy meals all day long and many other helpful resources.

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Funny Name, Fast Snack By Edan Goode

When I got Odwalla’s three new snack bars, aimed at kids, the intention was to slice them all up into bite-size pieces so my kids could Odwalla-Banana_Render_Wrapsample each flavor and tell me their favorite. Well, I turned my back for five minutes and the bars were GONE! Three different kids had made off with the bars headed in three different directions. I yelled “At least share them with each other so you can each give me your opinion!!!!” They shared the bars about as well as they share anything.

They did come back with empty wrappers in hand and gave me their rave reviews. “Can you imagine eating one when you’re in a rush in the morning? When you’re travelling to a soccer game? When you need something to tide you over until dinner?” I asked. They all said “Yes!” Okay, good enough for me. They liked them and would want them again.

What they didn’t know, in their haste to claim them was that each flavor contains 11-12 grams of organic, whole grains which is equal to about 25 percent of the whole grains needed, per recommendations from the Whole Grains Council (which I didn’t even know existed, frankly). Each bar is also between 130-140 calories and contains calcium.

I know that between all of my kids’ schedules, they are not apt to grab an apple or some whole grain toast. But, let’s face it, they are going to grab a colorfully packaged, good tasting, packaged thing they can take on the run. Our whole family already relies on Odwalla’s green drink to get us through the beginnings of a cold so I feel good about Odwalla (and the name amuses me) so I’m okay with the kids grabbing these bars on the run.

Note: Edan was provided with a sample of the product to help facilitate the review. However, her opinions are completely her own.

Take a “bite” out of these recipes By Edan Goode

Classically-trained French Chef, Ludo Lefebvre, knows what it means to be a parent on-the-go.  His  restaurant on wheels, LudoBites is literally on the move around California. Chef Ludo is also a father of twins and loves to take his wife and children with him on outings to spend time together outdoors, promoting a healthy lifestyle. And now, he’s even busier as one of the hosts of  “The Taste” on ABC.  We spoke to Ludo Lefebvre, Chef Ludo, last year. We wanted to reminisce a bit and share his recipes and some of his tips for family meals.

At the time, Chef Ludo had partnered with stroller manufacturer Bugaboo, to create Ludo Baby Bites,  a 12 webisode series focusing on fresh, healthy family eating that can be prepared fast!   The webisodes are still available.

We’ve posted the tips Chef Ludo shared with us for feeding the family in a healthy way, in a hurry.   He shared some of his recipes with us in the E.A.T. Blog. Thank you, Chef Ludo!  Click on recipes to enlarge.

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