Robin Chocolates

Spring Forth with Easter Treats for Colorado’s Robin Chocolates

When I was a child, one year, my parents gave me a nougat-filled, chocolate-covered egg for Easter. It was beautiful. And delicious. I made that thing last a month, slicing off just a little bit each day (such restraint for a kid!). So when I saw some of the beautiful Easter treats made by Robin Chocolates, right here in Colorado, I had flashbacks of the enjoyment of something so pretty at a special time of year.

Robin Autorino is the Robin of Robin Chocolates. As owner and chef, she started the company in 2008, aiming to produce “the very best chocolates, confections and pastries using honest ingredients and time tested techniques.” All of her products are sold in her store in Longmont and in a few specialty shops. Visit the website to find out more. Meanwhile, I certainly had fun doing a little photo shoot with some of Robin Chocolate’s Easter treats with come of my own little Easter decorations.

The chocolate and caramel eggs with jelly beans comes in a charming chocolate nest. And the “Crouching Bunnies” are filled with marshmallow cream and either cookie butter ganache, peanut butter ganache, almond butter ganache or just the cream. How do you know which is which? By the color of their little tails. And that glossy egg? It’s filled with layers of marshmallow cream, chocolate and peanut butter!

Robin Chocolates does far more than Easter goodies. Browse the website (slooooowly!) and see her other works of art.

Robin Chocolates

So pretty. So delicious. Easter chocolate confections from Robin Chocolates.

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