Going Gluten-Free with Cappello’s

I don’t have dietary reasons for eating gluten-free which is why I was particularly interested in trying some gluten-free products. If my family and I liked the flavors and textures, then that would say a lot. After all, when you have dietary restrictions, you’re going to really, really want a product to be a good solution for you. But to not need it and still like it? That seemed like a good test.

Cappello’s is a Colorado company, started by two friends who wanted to create a unique, healthy food company selling
high-end gluten-free, grain free products. They sell pizza, pasta and cookie dough. I tried the latter two which was quite a test in my family with kids who consider themselves connoisseurs of both pasta and cookie dough. So, we tried several Cappello’s products one night!


Cappello’s Fettucine with meatballs (no, not gluten free) and marinara sauce.

Product: Fettuccine Noodles
Meal: Meatballs and Fettuccine
Method: With all of Cappello’s products, it’s very important to cook from frozen and to follow the instructions carefully. It was explained to me that the directions are based on each product starting out frozen so that the results turn out well.
Results: I loved the texture of the noodles! They were substantial enough to stand up to the heavy meatballs, weren’t grainy and had good flavor.


Dinner’s ready, fast! Gnocchi in brown butter with Parmesan cheese.

Product: Gnocchi
Served in browned butter
Method: At first, the boiling water will foam up. You’ll know the Gnocchi are cooked when they start to float. While they were cooking, I added some butter to a skillet and melted it until it started to turn brown. Right after draining the Gnocchi, I poured them into the skillet and let them sit for a moment or two, browning up. I then tossed them and again, let them sit and brown a little. I served the pasta immediately with a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese. Like the Fettuccine, the flavor and texture were great. Next time, I might also saute some sage leaves and add toasted pinon nuts. Or, because the Gnocchi are pretty mild, I think they’d also make a nice addition to a salad of spinach, kale and roasted peppers.

Product: Cookie Dough
I followed the instructions, which were easy. The nice thing is, the dough doesn’t spread out so you don’t have to worry about ending up with one big cookie glob. And get this – because there is no egg in the dough, you can eat the raw cookie dough! I had to tell my kids NOT to eat the dough so that I’d have enough to bake to show you. The flavors are Chocolate Chip, Double Chocolate Chip, Ginger Snap and Lemon Zest.
Results: We tried the latter two and they tasted fresh and full of natural flavor. I did find the Lemon ones a little cloying and slightly grainy but I’m not a lemon dessert fan. The Ginger Snap were great though. My kids loved both flavors.

Cappello’s products are available in a lot of stores but they are also delivered to your door. The instructions in the packaging let you know what’s reusable, recyclable and compostable and all of it is at least one of those things.


Cookies, fresh out of the oven!


I was provided with samples of products from Cappello’s to facilitate this review. However, the opinions are all my own. 

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