Grilled Chicken Mediterranean Bowls

This sounds (and looks) delicious! It’s like a bowl of summertime! I just had to share this post that is from Nourished Peach, a blog I really enjoy and loyally follow. You should take a look too!


Summer is officially halfway over you guys. Each year around this time I seem to begin easing into fall mindset; it’s a point of bittersweetness thinking about what’s shortly ahead.

School. Structure. Less daylight. Earlier bedtimes. More responsibility. And quite honestly, each time around this year, that all tends to sound slightly appealing to me. As much as I adore our summers here in MN, the fall brings so much wonderful newness. The scenery is impeccable. The crisp air and lack of mosquitos are like a dream. The kids getting into a new routine and their utter excitement about school is so uplifting. And schedules…you know I love a solid, predictable schedule 😉

But before all of that comes, while things are still warm and sticky and loosey-goosey, please, please, I beg you, do me a favor? Celebrate these last days of summer in your kitchen and make this dish…

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