Quiznos Offers Guarantee

Denver’s own Quiznos, the toasty sandwich place has put a renewed focusQuiznos - Ultimate Club on the brand’s hometown by really promoting their fresh ingredients. It has even added new menu items and put a spin on some old favorites. To make sure people are getting a top-notch toasty sandwich experience they want them to have, Quiznos is running a “First Bite Guarantee” promotion through the end of the year, and only in Denver, where the restaurant chain was born and bred (or should we say “bread!”)

The First Bite Guarantee promises that you’ll love the first bite of your Quiznos sub or Quiznos will make you a new one for free.

There are fewer add-ons at the end of the sandwich assembly process thanQuiznos - meatball sub there used to be. Instead, the menu items are intended to be more chef-created with combinations of ingredients pre-selected for better flavor. Some people may welcome that and some may miss the ability to add on different veggies and toppings.

Try out the new menu for yourself which includes soup, salads and various macaroni and cheese combos as well as the subs. And if you don’t like it after the first bite, let them know.

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