A Snack Launched by a Book

Now this is a new one – a product being created as inspired by a book. I recently tried Health Warrior Chia Bars and chia seeds and loved them. They helped get me through two weeks of harried travel when I wasn’t sure when I’d be able to stop for a bite to eat and was running low on energy. My kids slipped them into their backpacks and ate them when hot lunch didn’t look so hot.


Choices, choices. Where to begin?

The founders of Health Warrior had read the book Born to Run, in which the writer describes how powerful chia seeds helped sustain a tribe of Mexican runners who would often run 100 or more miles just for fun (which doesn’t sound the slightest bit fun to me!) Chia is said to be one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet. One bag of Health Warrior Chia Seeds is equal to 10 pounds of salmon, 15 pounds of broccoli, 3 pounds of tofu, 4 pounds of milk or 4 pounds of oatmeal!

The founders were inspired, tried eating chia seeds themselves, everyday, on everything. They found themselves having better workouts, feeling stronger and running farther and faster, so they started Health Warrior.

I was already a fan of Chia seeds (although I haven’t put them to the test with working out, sadly.) I love mixing them into plain yogurt and drizzling in some honey. I can’t even taste the Chia seeds but I know they are healthy and help this easy breakfast stick with me longer.

But I had never tried Chia Bars. On my travels, I threw a bunch of the slim bars into my purse. Just one of these small bars with a slightly chewy texture and great flavor was only 100-110 calories but gave me 1000 mg OMEGA-3, 4 grams of fiber and protein and was gluten-, dairy- and soy-free and also Vegan. Everybody’s happy!

There are eight flavors of Health Warrior Chia Bars including Chocolate Peanut Butter, Mango, Banana Nut and Dark Chocolate Cherry. But my favorites are Coffee and Coconut. Those flavors could be a dessert to me! The bars and the bags of Chia seeds are available at Whole Foods, Target, King Soopers, Sprouts and the Vitamin Shoppe. They are also sold on Amazon and through their website,  www.healthwarrior.com.

I love it when good-for-you tastes good too.


I love the texture of these bars!

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