We’ve Got A New Look!

This is our big sister blog that reviews restaurants (including family-friendly) as well as theater, movies and travel. Check them out. Love the new look, team!

In Good Taste Denver

So, what do you think? Does this new blog make our butt look smaller? Seriously though, after two years, we decided wp_20130111_0082.jpgit was time for the In Good Taste Denver blog to get a little makeover. The new design makes it easier for you to see what we have to offer at a glance, rather than having to do a blog roll and scroll.

Notice that there are new headers at the top (Eat, Go and See) with a drop down menu so you can go directly to what you want to a little faster. We’re mobile too so be sure to take a look from your smart phone when you’re out and about wondering where to go or what to do. The In Good Taste Denver blog will be right there, at your fingertips.

Lastly, check out our background photo. We’ll be changing this periodically, as the mood strikes…

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