Deconstructed Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup

A grilled cheese sandwich and a bowl of tomato soup in which to dip that sandwich is a classic combination. I love this combo but, one day, while trying to make something different for Sunday breakfast, I came up with this dish, a deconstructed recipe that combines tomatoes, toasted bread and melted cheese with the addition of an over-easy egg! It was delicious. The yolk combines with the tomatoes, cheese and bread into something creamy and full of flavor.


A hearty, healthy breakfast I call a Deconstructed Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup (with Egg).

Per person –
1/2 tomato, chopped or cherry tomatoes cut in half
1 slice bread of choice (I used a sprouted grain bread)
1 slice cheese of choice (I used sharp cheddar)
1 egg

1. In a toaster oven or regular toaster, lightly toast bread of choice.
2. In a skillet, melt butter and then place lightly-toasted bread in the pan and top with cheese. You will not be turning this over in the skillet, obviously, because of the cheese. Place a cover over the skillet to help the cheese melt. When done, put it on a plate to make room for the tomato and egg. Don’t cover the toast to keep it warm because it will steam and the toast will soften. The heat from the tomato and egg will create the overall heat for the meal.
3.  Drizzle a little olive oil in a skillet and heat over medium-high heat.
4. Saute the tomatoes on one side of the pan, turning frequently. On the other side, crack an egg. Cover and let the egg cook for sunnyside up, or turn over for over-easy. Just make sure the yolk remains runny.
5. To serve, place the egg on top of the toast and then the tomatoes. Add salt and pepper to taste.


You could make this cheese toast in a skillet with butter for a more traditional flavor, or you can do it in a toaster oven without butter.


Saute tomato in the same skillet as the egg you are frying.

Breakfast Sopas

A grocery store coupon for sopas led us to a fun and easy breakfast. Sopas are made of corn masa, Egg Green Chili Sopas - doneshaped into shallow little “dishes” of sorts that you can fill with whatever you want. We came up with this for breakfast.

Breakfast Sopas

4 Sopas
1 Cup green chili (with or without pork)
4 Eggs
Cheese of choice such as a Mexican Blend, feta or cojito (optional)

1. Place the olive oil in the skillet and heat in a 350 degree oven. When hot, add the sopas and spoon in some green chili until filled just below the top edge of of the sopa.
2. Heat up for 15 minutes.
3. Remove from the oven, crack an egg over the green chili and return to the oven.
4. If you’re going to add cheese, do so a couple minutes before the egg is done to your liking; this allows the cheese to melt without overcooking the egg.
5. Serve with potatoes of your choice such as cubed or hash browns.

Egg Green Chili Sopas - Eating


Double Sunny

A Double Sunny Breakfast

My kids love eggs for breakfast. To keep breakfast from being the same old, same old, I try to come up with different ways to serve up eggs (scrambled, in breakfast burritos, in an omelette with cherry tomatoes, etc.) But at 6am, when I’m blurry-eyed with bed head and an apron over my fuzzy robe (so pretty!), it can be hard to be inspired. The other day, I combined two of their favorite things – a grilled cheese sandwich with a sunny side up egg. Looking at that golden yolk atop the golden cheese, it occurred to me that it was doubly-sunny and a name for this dish was born.

Double Sunny

Packed with protein, this “Double Sunny” breakfast combines the best of a grilled cheese with an egg.

Double Sunny Breakfast

Ingredients per serving:

1 Egg
1 Slice cheese of your choice
1 Slice whole wheat bread
Butter or olive oil


1. Lightly butter one slice of bread on both sides and place it in a skillet heated on medium. When the bread just barely starts to toast on the bottom, turn it over and add the slice of cheese so that it starts melting while the underside of the bread toasts.
2. Meanwhile, in the same skillet (if large enough) or in a separate smaller pan, fry the egg in a little butter or olive oil with a lid on to speed the cooking.
3. The cheese toast may be done first so just put it on a plate to the side. Don’t cover it or it will start to steam and you’ll lose that nice crispiness reminiscent of a grilled cheese sandwich. It’s better to have the toast wait than the egg which could lose it’s runniness and get cold.
4. As soon as the egg is cooked, place it over the cheese toast and salt and pepper to taste.

Variation: You could cook the egg any way you want including scrambled. But there’s something especially delicious about having the yolk mix with the cheese and toast. Yum!

For another egg breakfast idea (featuring another misshapen egg!), visit Easy Sunday Morning Breakfast. 


Easy Sunday Morning Breakfast

To quote the song, this recipe is “Easy Like Sunday Morning!” My husband and I have a weekend tradition of turning on CBS Sunday Morning and having breakfast in bed. I don’t want to miss a second of this wonderful show by slaving over the stove, yet we want something that’s a little special to go along with our little tradition. Last week, I came up with this idea, using some bits and pieces we had in the fridge. It was delicious!


Avocado Toast with Cheesy Egg – an easy way to make breakfast feel special and also healthy.

Cheesy Eggs on Avocado Toast


1 egg per person
1 piece of toast of choice (I used a sprouted grain bread substantial enough to hold up to the avocado)
1 avocado half (or some guacamole)
About two tablespoons of a strongly-flavored, favorite cheese like cheddar, Asiago or Parmesan, grated
Salt and pepper to taste


Fry an egg sunnyside up in some olive oil or butter. While the egg is cooking, toast the bread. Spread half of the half avocado on the toast like it’s thick butter. Or treat the guacamole the same way.

When the egg is done, carefully lay it atop the avocado toast and sprinkle the cheese over the top to taste. You aren’t trying to smother it, just add a little something extra! Salt and pepper to taste.

Break the yolk and help it spread all over the avocado toast so that every bite has cheesy egg, avocado and toast in it. Yum!

Variation: You could also do a poached egg (if you are that talented, which I am not) or just a scrambled egg so that you could even pick it up and eat it like a slice of pizza. But then you don’t get that oozing yoke deliciousness. Your choice!

Wear Your Jammies for a Good Cause By Edan Goode

Did you know that the average Coloradoan eats 5 eggs per week? Or that Colorado egg farms provide jobs for more than 250 families and supply nearly $100 million annually to the state’s economy?

Yep, Colorado families love their eggs. And why not? Eggs are loaded with health benefits including vitamins and minerals including Vitamin D, choline, folate, calcium, iron and selenium. And they are a strong source of protein.

October 11 is World Egg Day and to celebrate, Colorado Egg Producers organized PJs and Eggs, a special dining event that combines eating a great breakfast at an area restaurant with a charitable contribution.

Here’s how it works: 

On October 11, from 7am-8pm, head to one of the participating restaurants. Donate $20 and in return diners will receive a meal, non-alcoholic beverage and one dozen eggs to take home (to make future breakfasts where you can also wear you PJs). Restaurants with offer either a set menu for the meal or offer patrons their choice of entree (varies by location).

Then feel good knowing that proceeds from PJs and Eggs go to Ronald McDonald House Charities of Denver, serving families whose children are receiving medical care in Denver area hospitals. Funds will also help victims of the recent floods in Colorado.

In addition to the monetary donation, the event will also collect unused children’s pajamas to donate to the charities. Look for the collection box inside each restaurant to donate pajamas leading up to the event.

Visit or call 303-320-7790 for a complete list of participating restaurants and the hours each will be serving breakfast. RSVP’s are recommended. Tickets are $20 in advance and day-of.

Here are a few more eggscellent bites of trivia to share with the kids at breakfast from Colorado Egg Producers:

  • There are approximately 3.8 million hens in Colorado that produce more than 1 billion eggs.
  • The average hen lays 5 eggs per week.
  • Egg preferences break down this way: 2% prefer Cage Free; 4% prefer Cage Free Organic; 12% prefer Nutrient Enhanced Caged and 82% prefer White or Brown Caged.

Come! E.A.T. with us! 

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Make “Monster Mash Eggs” By Edan Goode

Monster Mash Eggs before diving in


Quite by accident, my son and I created a delicious egg breakfast that looked kinda gross, making the boy REALLY want to eat it. The real fun comes when you cut into the whole mess and the yellow yolk mixes with the green avocado and brown, crunchy toast – mmmm, slimy yet very satisfying!  The rather yucky appearance moved us to dub it “Monster Mash Eggs.” The flavor made us say “Yum!” Perk: it’s easy, delicious and healthy too. (The photos don’t do the “after” shot justice – try it for yourself to see.) 

Monster Mash Eggs 


Olive oil 

1 egg 

1 piece of whole wheat bread 

1/2 an avocado 

While the bread is toasting, heat a little olive oil in a skillet. Fry the egg, sunny-side-up (covering the pan with a lid will speed up the process while keeping the yolk runny). Before the egg is done, mash the avocado and spread it on the toast. Place the fried egg over the toast and avocado drizzling any extra olive oil over the top. Salt and pepper to taste. 

Monster Mash Eggs after - ooooo