Share Your School Lunch Ideas By Edan Goode

LunchboxThe kids are back in school. Phew! We can relax now, right? No way!

Besides the constant flood of papers to read and sign, events to volunteer at, homework to oversee, there are breakfasts and lunches to be made that will energize the kids and keep their mind’s sharp while being so appealing they won’t want to give them away. And then there are after-school snacks for those frantically hungry kiddos that need to get them through homework time while rewarding them for a day of hard work.

I know I need ideas for what to feed the kids and I know you all do too. So let’s share our ideas and recipes, shall we? Let’s help each other out!

Simply leave your ideas and recipes in the comment section below and we’ll gather them up and share them with the group.

And while we’re at it, if you have come up with a way to simplify the process of making school lunches, tell us that too. For instance, I have a friend who keeps plastic baskets in her pantry, each filled with items such as granola bars in one, juice boxes in another fruit in another. She makes their sandwiches but then the kids go down the line, taking an item from each basket to complete their lunch. Personally, I’m trying to stay away from too many pre-packaged items but they do come in handy. What are your tricks?

Leave your ideas by September 5. Thanks!

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“Expert” advice for making school lunch-packing easy and fun!

It’s almost time for the kids to go back-to-school. Among many things to look forward to and dread, there are school lunches to pack, day in and day out. As with so many things in life, being organized about it helps make the task easier.

That’s why, in some obscure and twisted way, it made perfect sense for Edan Goode to sit down with the queen of all that is good in food storage and organization, Ms. Dixie Longate. Dixie is in town through August 21 with Dixie’s Tupperware Party, playing at the Garner Galleria Theater. It’s a show and party unlike any you have ever, well, been party to.

First, a little background on Dixie. In the grand tradition of glorious women like Dame Edna, Dixie is a big-haired, brash, sweetheart who will tell it like it is, tell you what you are and then say “well aren’t you the sweetest thing”, all in one breath, and with a southern accent gained from life in a trailer park in Mobile, Alabama. With her three children in tow, Wynona, Dwayne and Absorbine, Jr. and three ex- and deceased husbands, Dixie set upon making her life better by selling Tupperware. Touring the country really, truly selling Tupperware at her shows (a catalog will be on your table), attending Dixie’s party is a hoot and a half, perfect for a girl’s night out or even a date. While the overall message of the show is all about empowering women and reaching for dreams, the fun is gender neutral (men will love it too).

As I sat down on Dixie’s couch, surrounded by Tupperware, I was quickly aware that this interview was going to be filled with tongue-in-cheek raunch and shock aplenty. So keep that in mind, as I present Dixie’s tips for getting organized to feed the kids healthy lunches.

Edan Goode: Dixie, packing lunches for the kids every day can be very stressful for a parent.  Do you have any tips for making the process a little easier?

Dixie Longate:  I sure do. Get the kids involved in the process of preparing and packing the food. Turn it into a game. Have one child put meat on all the sandwiches, another one puts on the cheese, another child can put in the apples’ and so on.

It’s very important to get the kids helping because it teaches them important skills. Plus, it eases mamma’s load to free her up for some “me” time to read, have a glass of wine and have sex for instance. Mamma’s just don’t get enough “me” time!

EG: What kinds of containers work best for kids’ lunches?

DL:  Get the kids their own sets of Tupperware containers so they feel it’s something all their own and special, like the cute character lunchboxes and food containers we sell.  There’s even a line of microwavable containers with a little vent so the contents don’t go splashing all over the inside of the microwave. I give my kids soup in those and they just love it. Did you know that Tupperware was the first company to make their products BPA-free? That’s right they were so you don’t have to worry about anything bad leaching into your food.

EG: I know other parents are like me and worry that if we invest in some decent storage-ware, the kids are just going to lose them.  What can we do?

DL: They’ll bring those containers right back, especially if they are cute ones that they chose.  Besides, it’s not like it’s something real important like forgetting a child somewhere. Kids find their way home, even when you don’t want them to. Even when you move to a different trailer park…they just keep finding their way back.

EG: What are some of your other tips for getting organized for the kids’ meals?

DL: I believe in cooking big batches of things ahead.  My kids love my soup so I make a big batch on Saturday afternoon, and portion it off into smaller containers and pop ‘em in the freezer. Then the kids can grab one and microwave it at school (remember the little vent on the lid). I  make big casseroles and do the same thing. I also like to give the kids salads with all sorts of goodies in them. I put the different ingredients in containers and let them put together their own salads. They love it. They put in chicken, cheese and different grains.  As I always say: Make it once then serve it every day!

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