A Bowl of Goodness By Edan Goode

I am the complete opposite of those who don’t want any of their food touching. I LOVE to have my food touching. You could say I’m very touchy-eaty that way.  I enjoy having a bit of this with a bit of that to see how they combine. So imagine the joy I felt when I first went to the Rocky Mountain Chili Bowl in Stapleton.

I had my choice of ingredients piled high in a bowl, ladled with green chili. I could mix, stir and mash to my heart’s content getting something yummy in every bite! My favorite is the RMCB Fajita Bowl ($7.55) with white lime rice, fajita veggies, chicken, beef or park carnitas, smothered in pork or vegetarian green chili, topped with sour cream, guac, cheese and jalapenos! I love the different textures, colors and sensations.

My family has also tried the RMCB Original Bowl ($5.55) with garlic skin-on mashed potatoes forming the base, topped with black or pinto beans, smothered in chili and topped with cheese and jalapenos. Other signature bowls are based around tamales, a hot dog or hamburger or even cheese fries. But you can also make your own, choosing a base, veggies, meat and toppings.

My husband went on a Breakfast Burrito ($2.50) binge, having one every day for four days. A self-proclaimed breakfast burrito aficionado, he declared them the best ever. He especially loved the crispy potatoes inside.

Rocky Mountain Chili Bowl is good to kids with the Breakfast Bowl, Mac ‘n Cheese Bowl, Rice and Bean Bowl and our favorite, the Nacho Bowl. A simple bowl of yumminess, it’s just corn tortilla chips, beans, chili and cheese yet it makes my children so very, very happy.  All kid meals are $4.25 and come with a juice pouch and a sweet treat.

Speaking of sweet treats, the cookies are good  and while tasty and spicy, the brownies are dry. If that’s the only negative we found in our multiple experiences there, then I can consider the bowl the real treat.

If Rocky Mountain Chili Bowl sounds familiar, you might have seen their food truck at one of the Farmer’s Markets. I’m glad the family owned and run restaurant has found a place to settle.

The decor is all about snowboarding with a slick, cool-dude vibe.  Even if that’s not your thing, it’s a casual, comfortable place to sit a spell (or take it to go) and really get in “touch” with a good meal.

Rocky Mountain Chili Bowl
7350 E. 35th Ave., Ste. 130 (just east of Quebec)

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