Welcome to my new blog!

Welcome to E.A.T. (Everyone Around the Table), a food blog for Colorado families on behalf of Colorado Parent magazine (www.ColoradoParent.com). Under cover, as Edan Goode (get it?), I’ll be reviewing area family friendly restaurants, cookbooks and new food products. I’ll also provide some tried-and-true recipes that help you feed the family fast.  As the name states, the goal is to help you gather your family around the dinner table whether it’s at home or in a restaurant. Here’s to good food, good times and good health!

E.A.T. will also have a rating system, as all good review blogs should:

Whether it’s a restaurant, recipe, cookbook or food product, we’ll give it one fork if you shouldn’t bother but four forks if you must try it and soon.

This is your messiness factor. One napkin means you and the kids will likely come away unscathed and unstained but four napkins means you should have wet wipes and a change of clothes ready.

 This stands for GUF: Grown Up Fun. You’ll see this if it’s something you’d want to try even without the kids in tow.

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